Children's School Holiday
Craft Classes

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Venue?

 Somervell Presbyterian Church.

 497 Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland 1050.


We are downstairs in the Preschool room. 

Where do I park?

There are 17 car parking spaces on site. Some up the top (including two disabled parks at the front of the building) and more spaces are available down the driveway.

What do the children need to bring?

*Weather-dependent clothing i.e sun hat, rain jacket

*Drink bottle 

*Packed lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea 


What should I wear?

We often have activities involving paint and glue so please don’t wear your favourite outfit. 

Can I pick my child up early?

 Yes, you are welcome to come early to pick up your child - we endeavour to be finished our activities by 12noon (morning) or 4pm (afternoon). 

What is the structure of the day?

We have activities set up in the morning from 8am to provide time for children to get settled then we start our morning craft at approximately 9-9.30am. We break for morning tea at around 10am and then finish for lunch at 12noo. Everyone has lunch together outside (weather permitting) and have some run-around time. We start our afternoon activity approx 1pm and break for afternoon tea at 3pm and finish 4pm for clean up and a game or a quiz.