Children's School Holiday
Craft Classes


Francey (Mum to 7 children)

"We absolutely love Pippi and Fox’s art and craft lessons. Everyone gets very excited when the program comes out and the kids spend ages talking and dreaming about which one to pick.
They are always excited to go and come home chatting about everything they have done. They also teach the rest of the family how to make the craft. At Christmas time they even recreated their projects at home as presents for the Grandparents.
I also really like hearing how the older kids help out the younger ones and the friendships that form.
Both Pippa and Michelle are very approachable and my kids absolutely adore them both."

Harriet (School Board of Trustees Member and Mum)

 "We absolutely love the Pippi and Fox art holiday programmes - as parents we appreciate the convenient session times and the location close to home. We know when we drop off the girls each morning that they are going to have a fun and stimulating time at Pippi and Fox; it's not just babysitting like some holiday programmes! It's a great mix of learning and, most importantly, fun. School holidays are a time for creativity and discovery, so this holiday programme is a perfect fit. 

Charlotte and Katarina have such a good time at Pippi and Fox that they are often disappointed when they have to leave at the end of the morning session. Their favourite art projects have been making bath bombs, Charlotte also loved the basketball court and Katarina really enjoyed making sock bunnies. They love having opportunities for free play as well as making art and craft and Charlotte in particular has really enjoyed the opportunity to make new friends with kids from other schools. "

Cathy (Mum and Primary School Teacher)

"Pippi and Fox has been a highlight of holiday times for both me and my son.  Each time before the holidays start he asks me whether there are going to be craft courses run by Pippi and Fox.  He loves to look at the programme and choose the activities he wants to do.  He does find this hard as he usually wants to do them all!  It is great knowing that my son is doing something he likes in a fun, safe and friendly environment with trained teachers.  I totally recommend Pippi and Fox to all working parents or to those that want a place for the children to go in the holidays to be with like minded other children."

Eilidh, 9 years

"It’s the perfect how to things like making a board game or learning how to play a game outside.
It’s an amazing place where you could make friends and of course I can not forget about having fun.
Pippi and Fox gives you a choice and you can choose to try new things or stick with what you know. "

Charlie, 7 years

  • "It is amazing because arts and crafts are fun. 
  • Pippa and Michelle are nice and kind and they will not bite (hehe).  They are helpful if you need it.
  • There are lots of different things to choose to do and they are things that I am interested in making.
  • I can make some new friends there.
  • There are different things each time"

Caelan, 10 years

"Pippi and Fox arts and crafts holiday lessons are great. You play some cool games and make amazing crafts related to the topic you chose. I like the fact that a range of ages come and everyone has a great time and comes away with a smile.. and a great craft. All these reasons are why you should come to a Pippi and Fox art lesson."